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Poole Town FC Kids Initiative 1000 Faces Appeal

PTFC Wave 105 1000 Faces flyerCashForKids Testimonial

The 2020 Wave 105 1000 Faces campaign launches live on the radio at 8:40 on Monday morning 2nd March. Poole Town FC are proud to be involved once again through their kids a community setup the Kids Initiative.

Poole Town FC Kids Initiative will be mentioned as the team behind the 1000 faces appeal this year.

To learn more please download the flyer HERE...

Or join our 1000 faces campaign HERE...

We need you!

Why not be a part of something truly incredible?

Something that’s as rewarding as it is giving.

Something you could do on your own, with friends or as a group.

Something that makes a difference, a real difference to thousands of kids across our region.

The Wave 105 1000 Faces appeal and Poole Town FC Kids Initiative is looking for you to get involved by raising a minimum of £100 in the quest to reach a total of £100,000 for the benefit of 1000s of children across the area.

We need your passion, enthusiasm and ideas to achieve amazing things this year for Cash For Kids.

We need you to join our 1000 faces campaign HERE...

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