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Trident Review - BCP Future Parks

Trident Sport Coaching Sessions – BCP Future Parks Project

DSC02991At the request of the Future Parks Project, we provided a bespoke hour-long event, once a week, at both Winton Recreation Ground and Watermans Park in Christchurch.

The 5 weeks of sessions, with 30 spaces provided for children aged between 4-13 at each, followed our typical format of fun games aimed at exercise and fitness, ball control and skills followed by competitive games.

The FPP is working with BCP Council to upgrade 3 local parks, Winton, Somerford together with Alexandra Park in Parkstone. Under the Project, central government is providing millions of pounds to improve the facilities of all 3.

To promote the parks, FPP organised a series of events at each through the summer holidays and we were delighted to be part of it.

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